Letter from the Warden

18th March 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This current unprecedented time comes as a stressful and worrying period for many. In such a short space of time our society has been faced with the implementation of directives that all must observe for the health and wellbeing of the population. All of us will now be experiencing these as we find our plans cancelled and our daily routine limited to the confines of our home. The Church, too, has not escaped the effects of this pandemic; closing its doors to public worship until further notice for the first time in living memory.

This is, for all of us, a unique Lenten season. We have found ourselves faced with the ‘giving up’ of things that are close to our heart. We have also found ourselves reflecting on what is important and what we now realise to be trivial.

As members of the Scottish Guild of Servers we will all feel the limitation to our calling to serve at the altar during public worship. This is how it must be for the time being. I would, however, encourage you all to continue to foster your calling to be servants of one another. This idea of service is at the very heart of what it is to be an Altar Server and it is also a calling to every Christian by their baptism.

In these days, do not forget the faithfulness of God, who humbled himself in Jesus Christ to be the Servant of all. Please use this time of enforced separation to keep in touch by telephone and email; to offer practical help, and to encourage one another in our common hope in Christ.

Although things seem very Lenten indeed, let us never lose sight of the truth that we are an Easter people; a people of love, joy and hope; a people of new life and new beginnings.

Please be assured on my prayers for all members of the Scottish Guild of Servers.

Yours in the faith,

Fr Gordon

The Rev Canon Gordon Fyfe

Warden of the Scottish Guild of Servers